christmas decorating trend

Celebrate Christmas with Style

Holiday decorations can provide an exciting change to your home decor. Get inspired with our stylish Christmas decorating ideas!


The Patterns Mix

Patterns are making a spectacular comeback this year. Combining a daring pattern mix is not exclusive of expert home interior designers, you can be successfull by following some tips..

Home and Health

Home and Health

Scientist and Floor Plan Designers know that quality of your home can enhance the quality of your life.But how can you improve them both?

Mid-Century modern craze

The Mid-Century modern craze

Brought into the spotlight by the popular series Mad Men, the Mid Century Modern style has long been a favorite among home interior designers and rightly so, if we might add.

Foxes home decor

Trending Mammal:The Fox

Cheeky, pretty and lovable foxes are going to take over your home interior design this year by finding their way onto you cushions, your shelves, your throws and of course your heart.

Decorating Mistakes

We all make mistakes

Find out what are the most common decorating do’s and don’ts that every interior designer needs to know and learn to steer clear of the top ten mistakes you could make.

Green Wall

Towards a sustainable future

Floor plan and home interior designers are increasingly looking for more sustainable design solutions, and, while other trends may come and go, this one is here to stay.

New color trends

Summer 2014 New Color Trends

Summer 2014 has finally arrived and our Interior designers and decorators are ready to bring it into your homes.