Learn how to decorate your home by yourself with our interior design tips.

Some of the work to renovate a flat can be done by you. However, in order to get good results it is important to choose the right tools and to read the right guide, written by interior designers, of course! Plus every job will take longer than you expect simply because it is your first time and even the easiest of jobs needs care and organisation or else the final result could be disastrous.

Let’s start with one job that looks easy and fun, often seen in romantic comedies as relaxing, couple time. Painting!

Floor Plan Designers create spaces, but we can also add our personal touch with paint

For good results first make sure you have the right tools:

  • Sand paper (an electric sander is much better and will save a lot of time and effort!)
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brush
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Preparation and undercoats
  • Gloves
  • Plastic sheeting (to cover EVERYTHING)
  • Interior paint

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Colour. Choosing a colour might appear easy but it’s not. It is always better to buy a tester pot first to use as a trial in order to properly understand the final effect on the walls. Don’t go for “strong” colours, you will soon get bored of them. Remember that light grey will look like baby blue when a room is empty. But don’t worry; everything will be fine in the end!
  2. Protect. Cover everything with plastic sheeting.
  3. Sanding. An electric sander would be a great advantage at this point. Even if you want to use a colour very similar to the previous one, a quick pass is needed to improve the paint’s gripping ability.
  4. Masking tape. This step is the most important for a professional result. Apply the tape to the ceiling and all edges, skirting boards, and electrical switches. Apply it firmly so that it is really stuck down otherwise paint may creep under and ruin the result.
  5. Brush. Move a brush along the edges of the tape and wherever your roller cannot easily get to. Brush in both directions.
  6. Roller. This part is easy: roll the roller across the tray, making sure that it is not too full of paint, and begin. Apply the first coat without worrying about having a uniform effect. The second coat will fix everything.
  7. Cleaning. Remove the tape carefully, so as not to remove any paint. And finally…Enjoy!

N.B. Old paint, if already mixed with water, must be thrown away. Carefully store any remaining paint that hasn’t been mixed with water, though, so that you can use it for touch-ups in the future.

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Learn how to decorate your home by yourself with our interior design tips.