The perfect shape for your table

If you’re thinking of decorating or refurbishing your dining room, the best way to start is by choosing the shape of the centerpiece: the dining room table.

You may have fallen in love with a particular dining room table and that table may be exactly what you need but, what if it isn’t? When choosing a dining room table there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration – aside from your personal preferences – such as its use (formal or informal), the space you have available, and the overall feel of your home. So, when faced with the choice between round, oval, rectangular and square, which one should you choose?  Let us help you.

The Round Table

Round tables are best for smaller spaces. They have a more casual feel and can be used for games and even small business meetings and brainstorming sessions. They can be easily placed within the dining room and they are the most versatile choice as you can move them around easily and change their location. They are ideal if you want a homely, informal feel.

The Oval Table

Oval tables are exactly in the middle of the formality scale. They are formal enough for serious entertaining and yet their shape allows everyone to interact with each other, which makes them ideal for family gatherings as well. They are best for large but narrow spaces since the lack of sharp edges allows for more space around them.

The Rectangular Table

Rectangular tables are the most formal and the best choice if your space is very large. They create a greater sense of formality due to the fact that they have “head seats” and they take up a lot of space. However, in spite of the fact that they are indeed the most formal, if you do have a very large space, the rectangular shape is your best choice whether you want a formal feel or not.

The Square Table

The square shape is suitable to fill larger spaces (but not too large) and it maintains a moderate sense of formality. It is ideal for both casual dinner parties and game nights and can also be used as a family dining table. However, since it will take up more space you need to plan its position carefully and consider the fact that you may not be able to change its location particularly easily.

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