How to spot quality sofas

Design is important but craftsmanship is key when it comes to deciding on a truly high quality sofa.

When choosing furniture – and sofas in particular – the first thing we would generally look for is design, and the second, comfort. What should also be considered however is craftsmanship. Yes, a good sofa is pretty and comfortable but in order to be truly impressive it must also be well-made. After all, there is no point in paying a fortune for a sofa based solely on its design, is there? With that in mind, there are five things you should look out for if you want to purchase a high-quality sofa that will last a long time: the frame, the padding, the springs, the cushions and the corner blocks.

The frame: A good sofa needs to have a hardwood frame made from a quality wood that has been dried using heat (kiln dried). Kiln drying ensures that all the moisture is removed from the wood so it won’t become distorted or bend. If the sofa of your choice has metallic legs, check to see if all the weld joints are smooth and well fixed.

The padding: When you sit on the sofa you should not be able to feel the frame at all. Press under your knees to feel this area of padding, and lean on the arms. If you feel the frame then, then the padding is insufficient, something that will become a problem in time.

The springs: The best springs are eight-way hand-tied coils securely attached to the frame so that they can easily recover their original position from all directions. Cheaper coils do not recover as easily and are susceptible to daily wear and tear.

The cushions: While 100% down-filled cushions sound heavenly, the best choice is spring-down cushions. They have coils wrapped in synthetic filling and a thick layer of down on top. They are as comfortable as all-down cushions minus the hassle of fluffing.

The corner blocks: Corner blocks are the angled pieces of wood that have been glued and screwed onto each corner of your sofa. They provide durability and sturdiness and they help to disperse the weight along the back and sides evenly. If you check under the sofa and don’t find any, steer clear. If you do find them check to see that they are smooth and well-placed.

It is not always easy to spot a quality sofa. If you consider this a difficult task or simply have limited time, try our Architectural Service, and our team of architects and interior designers will find the furniture that best suits you and your place.

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