Choosing a bookcase

Has this one timeless piece of furniture become unnecessary for modern homes? Or is there still room for bookcases?

There was a time when a bookcase was the centrepiece of an entire room. People would build libraries in their homes in order to showcase their collections of books. But as modern technology has progressed bookcases have become old fashioned. However, old fashioned or not, bookcases have the ability to add an unparalleled sense of sophistication to any room without even having all that many books on them. So, if you are a hopeless romantic looking for a piece of furniture to display your collection of books (or any other collection) let us help you find the right bookcase.

If you have a lot of books you need something large to accommodate them all. You could build a bookcase onto a wall or use a large one to separate your sitting room from the dining room – or any other two rooms. You could also choose a large freestanding bookcase or go a step further and combine different bookcases side by side for a more trendy result.

If you have a few books and a lot of ornaments you can still have a large bookcase and just leave some shelves empty for a minimalist look – or you could choose a moderate sized one. You could also consider a mounted bookcase with numerous shelves for your objects.

If you don’t have many books then you will only need shelves attached to the wall or a small bookcase. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a large bookcase if you do not have the books to fill it.

Now let’s talk about materials. The classic choice is naturally wood but you can also find beautiful plastic, metal or mixed media bookcases. Your choice should be based on the overall feel of your home (traditional, modern etc) but you should also consider using the bookcase as an accent to a room. By that we mean, that you could choose a seemingly mismatched piece to give your space a little more character. In any case, whatever design, shape or size of bookcase you choose, it has the potential to bring your entire room to life.

If you want a stylish home, try our Architectural Service and our team of Floor Plan Designers and Interior Decorators will find the furniture that best suits you and your place.


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