Embroidery and Knitting

Large knits, embroidered cushions and all things crochet are bound to take over every part of your home come fall.

Whether you are a master of the needle or not, adding knitwear and embroidered accents to your home is a must. Everything from knitted sofa coverings to designer embroidered seats or even embroidered wallpapers will update the look and feel of your home. Look for texture, different materials and knitting techniques in order to add a bit of wintery style to your home. Also, think outside of the box, if you’re thinking of buying a new carpet why not look for a style that matches the knitwear trend (it will not go out of style trust us) and if you want to update your sofa cushions, why not add some colorful buttons. Seek for inspiration on Etsy and arts and crafts stores and own this new trend that is all about handmade beauty.

Now, if you intend on making a bigger investment, you will find that many home interior designers have embraced this new trend and have come up with genius ways to incorporate it into their products. Be careful though; try to choose timeless pieces that will blend easily into your home. Choose subtle colors or neutral tones and limit yourself to smaller pieces at first.

Follow our home interior design tips and discover the hottest new trends.

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