The industrial furniture revival

Industrial furniture can add style and edge to any interior, no matter how classic or modern-minimal it is. Just try and see.

Be it an old locker or a discarded metal desk, industrial furniture can make any home interior design pop and scream character. In fact, any salvaged piece of furniture with an industrial feel can be incorporated to your home in order to add some history with and edgy and unique twist.

Look for metal lamps and ceiling lighting to be placed on your desk or over your kitchen table. Even better, use old photographers lights or street lights as ambient floor lamps anywhere in the house. Get your hands on old lockers to use for storage in your living room and collect screws, hex nuts, fans and old metal signs to use as decorations. Dining chairs are also becoming a huge trend within the industrial furniture revival. Search the flea markets and thrift stores for old metal canteen chairs and place them around any dining or kitchen table for a bit of vintage fun.

Dexion shelves can be used as bookcases, old containers as flowerpots, vintage boxes for storage and old suitcases as coffee tables and let us not forget about metal filing drawers, they are perfect for your study or office. You can re-use and re-purpose almost any kind of old industrial furniture if you are willing to think smart and dive into the trendiest revival of all.

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