The updated French look

One of the hottest new trends for 2014 among home interior designers is going to be the French Modern Revival with its lush combinations and timeless elegance.

French interiors ooze sophistication and elegance but can sometimes become almost untouchable. For 2014 think French country, clean lines and luxurious combinations of materials.  This new trend aims to combine vintage pieces with streamlined contemporary furniture and create a warm atmosphere. The basis for this trend is minimalism with a twist and for that reason it requires a mutted neutral and earth toned palette with red, yellow  or blue accents.
Look for updated French design furniture or key elements such as lamps and chandeliers. Do not be afraid to combine textures and materials and do not dismiss the rustic, country french element from your choices. Even the smallest decorating object could bring this look together if your home is already minimal so look for vintage ornaments andFrench inspired decorations. Antiques also work very well with this style if set in a minimal setting. Try to pair them with monochromatic sofas and walls in order to tone down the complexity of their design.

If you want a stylish home, try our Architectural design, and our team of architects and home interior designers will find the hottest furniture trends that best suit you and your place.

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