Three ways to hang art

By carefully arranging artwork, not only do you display it in the best possible way, but you transform your walls into works of art themselves.

Anyone who has ever tried to hang art on their walls will immediately admit that it is no easy feat. The mistake most make is to try and arrange all their frames directly onto the walls, without any project. Big, mistake. The only way to decide on the best possible arrangement of more than 3 frames is to place them on the floor and continue to move them around until you are satisfied with the result. Once you’ve done that, you will have to take measurements and only then will you be able to place the first nail on the wall.

In any case, the technique can be mastered but there is another thing you must consider before that: the style of the arrangement. Do you want an irregular pattern, a symmetrical one or a linear style of hanging? What  is the best placement for your home? Decisions, decisions.

Irregular patterns This arrangement is best if you have many frames in many sizes and a great big wall to hang them on. It is very stylish and trendy but, as irregular as it may seem, a lot of thought must be given on the best way to combine all those different shapes (and materials) in order to have an aesthetically pleasing result. That said, if you do want an irregular hanging pattern on your wall get ready to spend quite some time on the floor. The one thing you have to keep in mind is balance. Try to mix all the shapes keeping in mind the volume of each frame and its materials. If there is one frame you would like to draw particular attention to try to place it in the middle. If there is more than one try to place them all in the middle or on the 4 different corners of the arrangement.

Symmetrical patterns This is ideal if you have frames of the same size. The only thing you have to do is carefully measure them and then place them on the wall. Some time on the floor will however be needed because, you have to see them next to each other in order to decide on each one’s place. But what if your frames are not all the same size? Then you will have to figure out a way to create clear lines on the perimeter of the arrangement. That might not be easy and you might have to sacrifice one frame in order for the arrangement to work but it is worth it. Use the bigger frames as centerpieces since they are less flexible and try to use the smaller ones to create the margins of your arrangement.

Linear patterns This is the easiest hanging style of all. In some cases you might not even have to take all that many measurements. Just make sure to hang all the frames at the same height either at the top or at the bottom. Linear styles work best for frames of the same size (as expected) but can prove to be very stylish if you have different shapes and sizes.

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