Hot New Material: ZELFO

It sounds and looks futuristic and it may well be the material of the future. Meet the material that is bound to take the home interior design industry by storm.

According to the official website, Zelfo is a high performance bio-based material. It derives from a recent project where the  patented fiber technology developed by Zelfo,  transforms 100% renewable or recycled cellulose fibers and water into self-binding Zelfo material. This material offers unprecedented environmental, performance,  and design attributes as well as providing an affordable, versatile and sustainable  alternative to wood and other materials.

It can be used as a construction material and in the furniture industry due to its versatility. It can be flat, smooth, textured, or mottled, it can have a matte, glossy or rough finish and it comes in both neutral and vibrant colors. It is fire and water resistant and biodegradable. But most importantly it is truly sustainable. It is made from recycled fibers and according to the official website, Zelfo’s source materials, production processes and end-of-life disposal have a low carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Scientists are constantly experimenting and discovering more uses for Zelfo and they have even gone as far as to explore the possibilities within the pulp, paper and board industries. For the time being we can all get our hand on this amazing material and bring it into our homes, in the form of designer furniture but rest assured that we will be seeing much more of Zelfo in the years to come.

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