Summer 2014 New Color Trends

Summer 2014 has finally arrived and our Interior designers and decorators are ready to bring it into your homes.

The trends of the year offer a true colour explosion: strong, vivid colours take the place of washed-out pastel tones. Experiment with shocking colours for furniture – they can be used for walls and finishes too.

If you follow interior design online, you will already know that Radiant Orchid is the trend of Summer 2015. Ever-present on the runway, now houses are ‘wearing’ this lush tone, and we can find it on walls, fabrics, ornaments and even floors. It has a relaxing and balancing power with a touch of liveliness and is ideal for covering sofas and pillows, or even bathroom walls.


Subverting the rule of only having one strong colour dominating a room, current trends suggest putting more intense colours together, which will stand out against each other. This trend includes contrasting Cobalt Purple and Lime Green creating a lighting effect that brings warmth to a house. Furthermore, this combination is perfect for outdoor spaces too: use it on umbrellas, vases and daybeds for a hot effect.

Among the most trendy this summer are certain colours that evoke the exotic atmosphere of warm oriental nights. We’ve fallen in love with Navy Blue and Golden Yellow, elegant and fascinating; find this combination on walls, curtains, rugs and bedding.

At the seaside, in the countryside or in the city, the watchword for design this summer is undoubtedly ‘colour’. And for the more tentative remember that even a simple lamp or a series of bright pillows can liven up a room and bring a breath of summer freshness to your home.

If you want a stylish home, try our Architectural Service, and our team of architects and interior designers will find the hottest trends that best suit you and your place.

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