The Mid-Century modern craze

Brought into the spotlight by the popular series Mad Men, the Mid Century Modern style has long been a favorite among home interior designers and rightly so, if we might add.

Mid-century modern styles have an almost effortless sense of luxury that everyone finds appealing. Is it the lush colors? The disarmingly simple lines of the furniture? Or are the elegant patterns found on wallpapers and furniture that ooze sophistication? There is no way to pin point the factor of appeal when it comes to mid-century modern styles. One thing is certain though, your home is but a little paint, a trip to the flea market and a few flips through a magazine away from becoming a mid-century modern extravaganza.

One thing to keep in mind is that the mid-century modern look is essentially a minimalist look. The walls would be painted white leaving the furniture to do all the styling or the wallpapers would provide the character leaving the furniture to blend in the background. The great thing about this style however, is that you do not need to refurbish your entire home to pull it off. A few carefully selected pieces of furniture, some decorative items and a bold palette will get you a long way.

Moreover, when shopping for mid-century modern paraphernalia think retro. Old record players and sunburst clocks, bright glassware and pottery, vintage radios and posters all have that much needed sense of nostalgia to make the scheme come together. Now, if you can -and want to- invest on larger pieces of furniture, it is best to look for antique pieces that have the original feel and vibe of the trend. Anyway, remember that the cost of interior design and contemporary furniture, is often much more expensive and lacks in character. If however you cannot afford such drastic redecorating splurges why not raid your grandparents’ house? They are bound to have pieces from that era (trust us) that you could love and nurture back into their former glory.

Whatever you choose, it is important to remember one last thing: do not over do it. The mid-century modern look is addictive and it may please you for a while but, chances are that you might grow tired of it. Do not do anything too drastic that you might get stuck with indefinitely or until your finances allow you to embark on a new decorating quest.

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