Towards a sustainable future

Floor plan and home interior designers are increasingly looking for more sustainable design solutions, and, while other trends may come and go, this one is here to stay.

The sustainable future trend aims to awaken us and make us get in touch with nature once again. It aspires to merge city life with country life and embrace nature in all its glory. Salvaged materials, eco-friendly goods and green colors are at the heart of this trend that has taken the design world by storm, while rooftop gardens, planted walls and innovative techniques complement its attitude.

Every single one of us can and should start embracing this movement. We can start small, such as starting from our homes:  by purchasing recycled goods, by trying to minimize out impact on the environment and by slowly getting rid of our plastic, toxic and environmentally un-friendly clutter. We could start building gardens on our roofs too, and the internet is packed with instructions on how to make our walls come alive with wall gardens. But most importantly we must come to understand that these are all actions not made in the name of style or design. More and more floor plan designers think to passive systems, when planning a place and home interior designers try to include sustainable furniture and materials. They are steps towards a safer, cleaner and brighter future for us and the generations to come.

So, go green, choose your materials carefully, get rid of your toxic lifestyle and help protect nature. Not only because it is trendy to do so but because it is essential now, more than ever.

Follow our online interior designers’s tips to transform your home into a more eco-friendly place.

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