Trending Mammal:The Fox

Cheeky, pretty and lovable foxes are going to take over your home interior design this year by finding their way onto you cushions, your shelves, your throws and of course your heart.

It is unclear yet how these lovable mammals have come to be such a big trend among home interior designers but indeed they have. Everywhere you look this year, you will find their familiarly cute faces and the temptation to dive into the “fox universe” will be great. Well, why resist? Foxes are playful and fun and the fact that they have become so popular has resulted in a wide variety of products to choose from. Pillows with printed or embroidered fox faces, elegant figurines, frames with foxy moments and even interesting throws are all available to add some cheekiness to your rooms.

But are they childish, you might ask. There are streamlined, minimal foxy interpretations on objects and fabrics that far from childish so, if you want to maintain a more grown up attitude they are your best choice.  Whatever you do, steer clear from objects made of real fox fur. They are far from what this new trend is all about and completely unnecessary.

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