We all make mistakes

Find out what are the most common decorating do’s and don’ts that every interior designer needs to know and learn to steer clear of the top ten mistakes you could make.

Floor plan designers create spaces, interior designers decorate them, and we could ruin everything!

  1. Don’t decorate with someone else in mind. If you have two children, a very busy lifestyle and a golden retriever that lives indoors, then it’s best that you don’t buy that white carpet that you’ve fallen in love with, right? It doesn’t matter how much you like something or how many times you’ve dreamt about it, if it does not fit in with your lifestyle then it’s a mistake to even consider it.
  2. Go easy on the lighting. Bright lighting throughout a house is not only unflattering but it is very costly and environmentally unfriendly. Choose lamps with a low wattage and create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for your home.
  3. Be reasonable!Too much of anything can ruin a perfectly good decorating plan. Remember the universal rule of ‘less is more’ and do not overdo it with furniture, colour or decoration. Try to maintain a sense of balance.
  4. Do not match everything!Decorating a room is very much like deciding on an outfit. You don’t want everything to match and you need at least one unexpected element to tie everything together. So forget matching drapes, sofas and cushions and experiment a little.
  5. Diagonal lines.Sure, that diagonally placed sofa you saw in the magazine looked amazing, but you must keep in mind that the decorator who placed it spent hours planning the space for the photo-shoot. Such statements are best left to the professionals.
  6. Be adventurous!Monotonous rooms with matching shapes and sizes are not at all interesting. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and invest in an oversized painting or some unusual ornaments. Sure, matching things is the safest choice but it can also be the most boring.
  7. Bring in a third party or separate couples. Indeed, the principles of feng shui clearly state that pairs are a good thing but too much of anything can easily turn into a disaster. So go ahead and just buy one candle holder but also throw in an extra pillow.
  8. Hang everything at eye level. Hanging frames too high looks bad and it makes you and your guests feel uncomfortable from having to look up all the time. Avoid neck and aesthetic problems by placing all your hanging art at eye level.
  9. Go easy with the curtains! In Victorian times heavy drapes and curtains were a must. Nowadays it’s the worst thing you could do to a room. Let the windows and the room ‘breathe’ by choosing light fabrics and minimal designs for your curtains.
  10. Themes belong in amusement parks. You might be a Disney fanatic or a movie buff, but having a great DVD collection is very different from decorating a room based on your favourite theme. Even if you do have a large collection or even an obsession with something, try to showcase it in a different way and don’t have it dominate an entire room.

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