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Outdoor Furniture Review

Summer 2014 is finally here! Our team of home interior designers have been looking for the hottest Outdoor Furniture especially for you.

Renovate: How to do it right

At we know how difficult is to renovate a flat. Our Architectural service is designed to simplify your life.

One chair can make a difference

Not just any chair though. A bold, peculiar even mismatched chair can be all a space needs to brighten up and acquire some character.


The Patterns Mix

Patterns are making a spectacular comeback this year. Combining a daring pattern mix is not exclusive of expert home interior designers, you can be successfull by following some tips..

eco floor

Sustainable Flooring

The floors of your home are as important as the walls, so why not choose eco-friendly materials?

Franch Style Furniture

The updated French look

One of the hottest new trends for 2014 among home interior designers is going to be the French Modern Revival with its lush combinations and timeless elegance.


Hot New Material: ZELFO

It sounds and looks futuristic and it may well be the material of the future. Meet the material that is bound to take the home interior design industry by storm.

Modern Design Sofa

How to spot quality sofas

Design is important but craftsmanship is key when it comes to deciding on a truly high quality sofa.

New color trends

Summer 2014 New Color Trends

Summer 2014 has finally arrived and our Interior designers and decorators are ready to bring it into your homes.